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“After smoking for 58 years I quit at age 76 through the Douglas Maiko hypnosis program. I doubted I could quit or be hypnotized, and after smoking all those years I finally quit for good. I have remained smoke free now for 3 years and feel great.”
— Len Goldman, New York

“Here I am in front of my favorite place in the house. After being hypnotized by Douglas Maiko, I lost 30 lbs. It’s like there is a ‘Caution - Do Not Enter’ sign on my fridge door. I stopped all snacking.”
— Henry Nettle, Foxboro, MA

"Quitting smoking with Douglas Maiko was tremendous. I had my doubts about being hypnotized, but I've been smoke free for 6 years."
— Pete Gally, Los Angeles, CA

"I lost 70lbs. with Douglas Maiko, M.Ed. Hypnosis Program. The pounds melted off me."
— Becky Larson

"It's a miracle. I've lost an amazing amount of weight due to Douglas Maiko, M.Ed."
— Denita Jones

“I lost 20 lbs of fat after attending one seminar while on vacation in America. God bless you, Douglas Maiko.”
— Nok Pimm, Singapore

"Not only did I quit smoking, but I also lost the 30 lbs I wanted to lose with Doug Maiko's Hypnosis Seminar."
— Angie Mackey, Tulsa, OK

"The Maiko Method worked like a charm."
— Diane Dixon, Woonsocket, RI

"I gave up smoking cigars with the Maiko Method. It was easy and I feel great as a result."
— Todd Dakake, Pedorthist, Labrie Shoe Store, Cumberland, RI

"I smoked for 40 years and quit at age 56 with Douglas Maiko's seminars. If I can quit, anybody can."
— Richard Slater, West Warwick, RI

"I quit smoking without gaining an ounce. I've been a non-smoker for over 5 years thanks to Douglas Maiko."
— Steve Babiec, School Teacher, Pawtucket, RI

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